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Our Legal Mandate

Objective XIII of the Uganda Constitution 1995 provides for the protection of important natural resources, including; land, water, wetlands, mineral, fauna and flora on behalf of the people of Uganda.
Objective XXVII of the same Constitution also provides for sustainable development of Uganda’s natural resources for the present and future generations.

Sub-section (ii) of the same Objective provides for“utilisation of the natural resources of Uganda in such a way as to meet the development and environmental needs…”, and the same Objective mandates the State to; “….take all possible measures to prevent or minimize damage and destruction to land, air and water resources resulting from pollution or other causes,” and sub-section (iv) provides for the rational use of natural resources so as to safeguard and protect
Uganda’s biodiversity.

Research and Training are identified as critical components of capacity building needs in natural resources management in general and ensuring the sustainable management of national parks and wildlife resources of Uganda in particular.

The government of Uganda, guided by the Constitutional Objectives, enacted the law that mandates the UWRTI to; provide research and training services for the conservation and management of Uganda’s wildlife resources, in fulfillment of the needs for continued capacity building in natural resources management.

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